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Our Mission Statement

An example of a good insurance agency is like a medical clinic. In a medical clinic a doctor examines a patient, gets the patients history and vitals and then prescribes the right medication. The same way in a good insurance agency an agent does a complete fact finding on his client and based on the customer needs prescribes the right insurance coverage with top A rated companies.

A doctor does not work for a specific pharmaceutical company the same way at Advance insurance we are totally independent insurance agency. At Advance Insurance we do not prescribe insurance coverage from a particular insurance company. Instead as an independent insurance agent we shop around your insurance coverages with several top A rated companies and presents several options to our customers to choose from.

At Advance Insurance our mission is to protect our customers, whether they are individuals or businesses, from unforeseen liability claims and accidents. Our knowledgeable insurance agents will prescribe the right amount of coverages needed to protect individuals and businesses from claims at the lowest premiums with top A rated companies.

At Advance insurance our mission is to provide the right amount of insurance coverage by analyzing each and every client based on their individual needs.

New threats to individuals and businesses are evolving everyday such as identity threat and cyber liability, employers practice liability etc. Our mission is to make sure that we at Advance insurance are the eyes and ears of our customers. We make sure that our customers are aware of the new threat, and we find insurance coverage for our clients to protect them from the new threats.

At Advance Insurance you can be rest assured that we are vigilant in protecting your financial interest.

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