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Judge Us by the Companies We Represent

In addition to the companies listed below, we also have access to over 50 other top A-rated insurance carriers.


"I have been with Advance Insurance Consultants since the company's inception over a decade ago. Based on my experience as an established client, I can say without any doubt that Tanvir Ahmad, the CEO of Advance Insurance Consultants, is the best insurance consultant I have ever worked with, and his company has fully realized its stated mission of putting the needs of its clientele first.
Advance Insurance Consultants only wants to do what is best for you and tailors each insurance policy to your specific needs. I love working with Tanvir because I know that he runs his company with great integrity and that he always provides creative and conscientious solutions to help save you money without sacrificing comprehensive insurance coverage.
Tanvir has an incredibly sincere and charismatic personality, fostering genuine respect when dealing with others. He has a wonderful ability to connect with people to achieve results, and remains professional, engaging and highly personable in his dealings with clients. Moreover, Tanvir is detail-oriented, driven and passionate about providing the best customer service experience for his clientele.
Tanvir has consistently demonstrated a disciplined work ethic and a never-ending ability to go above and beyond what the job required. I am impressed by how dedicated he is to the greater mission of Advance Insurance Consultants.
I could not be happier with my experience with Advance Insurance Consultants, and highly recommend the services of this wonderful company with confidence and enthusiasm."


Masood A. Qazi, MD

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