Garage, Car Dealers and Gas Station Insurance program
At Advance Insurance we have over 25 years of expertise in Insuring Garage, Used car dealers, and Gas Stations.
Our strength is the collection of top-notch A-rated Insurance companies that specialize in the Insuring Automotive Industry.
Here is the type of Automotive related Industries we Insure.

  •    Gas Stations inc 24 hrs Automotive Part Stores

  •    Car wash Oil Change Shops

  •    Used Car Dealers

  •    Body Shops   

  •    Transmission Shops   











Every Automotive related business is different and has its unique needs based on the type of operation. For example, a Gas Station might have a Self serve Gas only or might have a repair shop, car wash, restaurant, convenient store, or a Truckstop. At advance insurance, we customize your Automotive policy based on your needs and requirements.
The following are the type of coverage your Automotive business might need based on your needs.

  •  Building coverage

  •  Business personal property 

  •  Pollution Liability

  •  General Liability 

  •  Garage Liability

  •  Garage Keepers Liability 

  •  On-Hook Coverage (If Towing)

  •  Hired and Non Owned Auto coverage 

  •  Dealer Open Lot coverage

  •  Equipment coverage 

  •  Inland Marine coverage

  •  Employee Tools coverage 

  •  Business Auto Workers Compensation 

  •  Loss of Business income

  •  Workmanship/ Mechanics E & O 

  •  Cyber Liability

  •  Employers Practice Liability 

  •  Terrorism Coverage

  •  Equipment Breakdown coverage

  •  Excess Liability/Umbrella

  • Flood etc 

Please click on the link below and complete a few questions based on your business insurance needs and we will get you the quote with the Top A rated Company at the lowest rates possible.

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