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Prevent slip and fall claim during winter at your business

Remove snow regularly

Those are excellent strategies to prevent slip and fall incidents during winter at a business. Here are some steps and tips you might consider to further reduce the risk:

Use De-Icing Materials:

Apply salt, sand, or other de-icing materials on walkways and parking lots to improve traction and melt ice.

Regular Inspections:

Conduct regular inspections throughout the day to identify and address any potential hazards promptly. Pay particular attention to high-traffic areas.

Provide Proper Training:

Educate your staff on winter safety measures, including how to recognize and address potential slip and fall hazards. This might involve techniques for clearing snow and ice safely and effectively.

Implement Matting Systems:

Place absorbent mats both inside and outside the entrance to capture snow, ice, and moisture, reducing the risk of slippery floors.

Create Clear Pathways:

Ensure that walkways and entryways are clear of obstacles, promoting safe passage for customers and employees.

Encourage Caution Signs:

In addition to "Wet Floor" signs, consider using warning signs or cones to indicate icy or slippery areas that might not be immediately apparent.

Maintain Footwear Policies:

Aside from encouraging employees to wear non-slip shoes, consider having a policy in place specifically for winter that emphasizes appropriate footwear.

Document Your Efforts:

Keep records of your snow and ice removal efforts, including dates, times, and methods used. This documentation can be invaluable if any claims arise.

Insurance and Legal Precautions:

Consult with legal and insurance professionals to ensure that you have adequate coverage and protective measures in case of any incidents.

Communicate with Patrons:

Consider posting notices or sending out communications to your patrons, advising them of the potential hazards during winter and the precautions they should take.

Remember, preventing slip and fall incidents involves a combination of proactive measures, constant vigilance, and thorough preparation. Regular maintenance and a focus on safety will greatly reduce the risk of accidents during the winter months.

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