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  • Tanvir Ahmad

Restaurant insurance

Updated: Jan 31

Eat, Drink and be protected with Restaurant Insurance

Whether your restaurant is small or big and grown to a prominent chain you have to be careful about your reputation and quality on daily basis. As we all know that level of risk is always there in every business. So, we are providing restaurant insurance to protect your business from risk such as food sickness injury, property damage, reputational risks, equipment threats. We provide a quality insurance package that protect you, your business and your reputation.

2. Business owner's policy is a bundle of handy small business insurance coverages designed to protect your restaurant from many different kinds of liability.

3. General liability policy covers your restaurant’s legal responsibility for any harm you may cause to someone else.

4. Commercial property policy covers the cost of replacing your building—or the stuff that’s inside your building—if something unexpected happens.

5. Business interruption policy will pay out a financial benefit if your restaurant ever has to close for a covered reason.

6. spoilage policy will pay out if you lose food or beverages to—you guessed it—spoilage.

7. Food contamination policy helps cover financial losses if your food is ever improperly stored, mishandled, or carries an illness-causing bacteria.

8. Employee dishonesty policy compensates your restaurant for financial damages if an employee steals from you—directly or indirectly.

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