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Avoid Slip and fall claims this winter.


The first snow blizzard of the weekend is not even a week old. I have already received a worker’s comp and a general liability claim from slip and fall on black ice.
A hair salon employee went to throw the garbage in the back of the building. It was all ice around the Dumpster and the employee slipped and injured her Knee (Workers Comp Claim).
A customer at the retail store slipped on Black ice on a relatively clean parking lot. Another bystander came to help and slipped also. Both sustained a shoulder and a knee injury (General Liability Claim).
Since there is frequent fluctuation in temperature the road and driveway can develop ice patches very quickly. 
Precautions you can take:
Clean every area where an employee or a customer walk frequently. 
Check repeatedly if a new ice patch is formed because of melting ice and freezing.
Post visible wet surface.
Post signs stating, “watch your step slippery surface”.
Extra Nonslip Floor Mats inside the store.
Ask employees to wear nonslip shoes.
Extra Lights in the well-traveled area of the stores.
Every little precaution goes a long way to reduce the slip and fall claims. 
Pay special attention to the rain spouts around your building, the water around these rain spouts turn in to Ice when the temperature fluctuates and causes slip and fall injuries.
Every little precaution goes a long way to reduce the slip and fall claims.