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Travel and Speciality Insurance

Travel Insurance:
Whether it's a weekend trip to a luxury spa, a golf getaway to your favorite out-of-state course or a cross-country tour abroad that's taken years to save for, travel is a part of your life.


Despite your best efforts to avoid them, unexpected incidents can turn your vacation adventures upside down. Accidents, illnesses, injuries, cancelled flights, lost luggage and inclement weather can derail even the best laid plans.


Advance Insurance Consultants can help protect you and your loved ones and keep your trip on the right track.


Specialty Insurance:


Malfunctioning equipment, slippery floors, a ball through a window, even an unexpected mishap when we've turned away for just a moment.


Accidental injuries and property damage can happen at any time, regardless of your cautious attempts to prevent them.


If you are involved with amateur sports teams, own or operate a small business, are an independent contractor or an event coordinator, you need to know more about Specialty Liability general liability insurance programs from Advance Insurance Consultants.


Why do you need general liability insurance?


Property damage, bodily injury and personal injuries can happen at any time during group or business activities.


A variety of unfortunate incidents related to your business operations can happen during the course of normal, everyday operations on premises, through advertising, and even with purchased products or services. You need to be protected.


How are you covered?

  • All programs include protection against bodily injury and property damage claims that arise from operations, premises, products, completed operations, advertising or personal injury

  • Select programs include coverage for medical payments to participants, legal liability to participants and professional liability

  • Zero deductible for liability claims .

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