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Workers Compensation Insurance

Do you know that carrying a worker's comp insurance is a law in many states?. States can impose heavy fines for not carrying workers' compensation. At Advance Insurance Consultants, Inc. We specialize in providing workers compensation to small businesses. We represent several top A-rated Insurance carriers with the lowest prices. We can insure workers comp for almost all types of small businesses. Please click the link below to get a free no-obligation quote. Following are some of the classes of business we have the most competitive Workers Compensation rates.
  1. Restaurants.
  2. Medical Offices.
  3. Contractors.
  4. Hair and Beauty Salons.
  5. Auto Repair Shops.
  6. Hotels and Hospitality Industry.
  7. Gas Stations.
  8. IT consultants.
  9. Life Sciences Companies.
  10. Schools and Day Care centers.
  11. Professional Offices.
  12. All retail stores.
  13. Dry Cleaners and Laundromats.                   
Many times our contractors are asked to add special endorsements to their Workers comp policies such as Primary non-contributory and Waiver of subrogation. We represent insurance companies that provide these endorsements with very little charge.
Please call us and we will select the best Insurance company with the lowest rates. 
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